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CoeLux Skylights installed in China

CoeLux Skylights installed in China

CoeLux Srl
In 2019 #CoeLux has installed a system of their #skylights in the Chengdu Aiyue Maternity Hospital in Chengdu City, China. The project, designed by BDD DESIGN, supplied by 360Lamps , is addressed to mothers who just have their babies. Postpartum is a crucial period: sometimes it can be a real trauma, physical and psychological. Chengdu Aiyue Hospital, a building with three floors, 12.000 square meters and 70 rooms located in a high-end private residential area in Chengdu High-tech Zone, wants to create a familiar space for newborn mothers. CoeLux makes it possible! With its #LSIce skylights, CoeLux has renovated the existing building creating a stunning indoor courtyard atrium, washed by the #sun. A real proof of how CoeLux technology transforms spaces adding a great value.

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