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About Us

360Lamps was founded in 2002 and originated in Beijing, China. As a specialized company in the lighting industry, we are distributors of numerous renowned lighting brands from Europe and North America, with dozens of regional agents across China. We work closely with architects, interior designers, and lighting designers, constantly exploring innovative architectural systems and iconic lighting designs. Additionally, we always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and design concepts in the international lighting industry, utilizing cutting-edge lighting technology to provide our clients with top-notch international services.

 Since establishing a joint venture with LAMP, the largest architectural lighting company in Spain, in 2012, we have introduced our professional architectural lighting products, 360LAMP, into the Chinese market, which have been widely applied in various high-end projects. In 2013, we expanded into Shanghai, the largest economic center in China, establishing 360Lamps and swiftly establishing a leading position in the high-end lighting product market in China.

 In 2020, 360Lamps set up a customer contact center in Silicon Valley, USA, absorbing the high-tech spirit and innovative corporate culture of the region. This move strengthened our interaction with the North American market, ensuring the provision of state-of-the-art and high-quality international services to our clients. Furthermore, to strengthen our connections and collaborations with the North American market, we established 360Lamps Technology Inc. in Vancouver, Canada, in 2023, serving as our base for the North American market. This initiative further facilitates communication and engagement with more outstanding North American brands, truly making the 360Lamps brand an internationally operating entity with a global perspective.

 Built upon over 20 years of excellent teamwork and outstanding products, 360Lamps upholds a spirit of professionalism, constantly striving to internationalize the 360Lamps brand. We are passionate about creating exciting lighting solutions for our clients and providing unique and innovative lighting products for various projects. Whether it's luxury residences, commercial spaces, or public buildings, 360Lamps is your trusted partner, delivering exceptional lighting experiences.

 We are well aware of the fierce competition in the lighting industry, which is why we consistently focus on innovation and technology. We closely collaborate with experts in the fields of architecture, design, and lighting to explore the forefront of lighting technology and lead the fashion trends. We prioritize quality and only select top contemporary fashion lighting brands globally, ensuring the provision of high-quality, technologically advanced, and unique products for each project.

 At 360Lamps, we take pride not only in our products and professional team but also in our commitment and care for our clients. We base our approach on personalized service, deeply understanding our clients' needs and objectives, to ensure that the solutions we provide fully meet their expectations. We strive for excellence and perfection, always placing customer satisfaction as our highest benchmark.

 Whether you are seeking lighting solutions for personal spaces or aiming to create unique lighting designs in large-scale architectural projects, 360Lamps will be your preferred partner. We believe that through our specialized capabilities, innovative spirit, and pursuit of quality, we can bring you a lighting experience that is truly unparalleled, illuminating your life and future.