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CoeLux® 45 Square

by CoeLux
Original price $69,600.00 - Original price $81,600.00
Original price
$69,600.00 - $81,600.00
Current price $69,600.00

An opening to the infinity of the sky, in a balance between the ceiling and the wall.

CoeLux 45 Square is the only system in the HE family that can be installed on the wall. Ideal for spaces without high ceilings, it recreates, through a play of mirrors, a perceived square window measuring about 1 square metre. The sensation of depth perceived by the observer is amplified by the geometry of the system: in the mirror placed on the ceiling and through an elaborate system of optics, the sun is reflected, precise and bright. In the room, a soft beam of warm light at 45 degrees naturally contrasts with the shadows and volumes of the objects. The light that diffuses into the room is comfortable and natural.


Device dimensions 2376*1675*1656mm
Sky-light size 890*974mm
Frame visible dimension 1795*786*108mm
Frame color White
Light source LED 300W / 4000lm
Min/max operating temperature  -10/40°C
CCT CRI (Ra) >92
CCT of transmitted beam 3900K
Lumen maintenance (L90B10) >20000h
Light beam angle 45
IP grade IP20