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MARSET LaFlaca Floor

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$1,593.00 - $2,103.00
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by Christophe Mathieu , 2019

Like a folding screen, LaFlaca’s large, fat profile allows you to partition your space using light, and delineate or combine different ambiances. With this new indoor/outdoor floor lamp, a metal structure lends its shape to a wrinkle-free fabric, which envelopes the frame, sharing its aesthetic character. Inside, the LED light is provided by an alluring sphere that’s only visible when the fixture is turned on, and is filtered and transformed by the fabric.
The result is a fat, screen-like lamp that can act as a room divider, defining outdoor spaces or providing structure and form to an interior.
LaFlaca comes in three sizes with different geometric shapes: a vertical rectangle, a horizontal rectangle, and a square. Combinations of these lights yield architectural textile creations that are striking not only in their beauty, but in their utility as well.

Model Number LaFlaca
Light Source

E27 LED Standard 8W 2700K

Reflector color   



70cmcm * H 75cm

90cm * H 105cm

60cm * H 135cm