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MARSET Ledtube mini spot Wall

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$370.00 - $473.00
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by Daniel López , 2019

The Ledtube is turning ten, and it’s still one of the collection’s most functional products: a reading lamp with a light beam that is specifically designed not to bother anyone else in the bed. It has no glare and its light can be aimed in any direction. It’s so easy to use that it’s almost instinctive, and so versatile it can blend in with the surface. Light that takes up no space.

The Ledtube mini offers a size to fill the gap: the same design but smaller and more compact while maintaining the proportions of the original. A change in scale to update it and offer the same performance in a smaller size. Available in two formats: the same as the Ledtube, and a circular design that minimises its structure for easier wall mounting. Two sizes, two formats, several finishes, multiple uses and especially, the original.

Model Number Ledtube
Light Source

LED 3,6W 700mA 2700K

Reflector color   

Aluminium/ White

/ Black/ Bronze



Ø1,8cm * Ø4,8cm