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MARSET Ledtube USB Wall

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$650.00 - $815.00
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Ledtube USB

by Daniel López , 2019

The Ledtube is turning ten, and it’s still one of the collection’s most functional products: a reading lamp with a light beam that is specifically designed not to bother anyone else in the bed. It has no glare and its light can be aimed in any direction. It’s so easy to use that it’s almost instinctive, and so versatile it can blend in with the surface. Light that takes up no space.

This ingenious lamp has been used to light up rooms in the most prestigious hotels, accompanying guests at the best time of day, when it’s time to relax and read before going to sleep. It’s that time when, almost automatically, we also decide to charge our mobile devices, which is why this latest edition of the Ledtube features a USB port, giving it yet another use. The manual and digital worlds combine under one light.

Model Number Ledtube USB
Light Source

LED 3W 700mA 2700K

Reflector color   

Aluminium/ Matte white

/ Matte black/ Bronze



7cm * 18.9cm