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MARSET Nenúfar Hanging

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by Joan Gaspar , 2013

The outcome of the designer’s arduous quest to create a fixture that seems to float on air, the Nenúfar takes its name and its delicate shape from the water lily.

The Nenúfar is a cluster of LED pendants, composed of several discs attached to a central stem. Each disc is distinct, separated from the others in a way that the downward beams do not intersect or interfere, but combine for a uniform, direct beam.
The result is an item that is midway between decorative and architectural, and be applied to both purposes with ease. Sober and well finished, the Nenúfar utilizes top-quality materials and the power of LED to radiate an exquisite luminosity and create warm, welcoming atmospheres.

This fixture is in its element installed in a series—creating areas lit at different heights and with various combinations of discs—or on its own as a surprising, well balanced and subdued centerpiece. Choose from one, two, or three black discs supported by a polished chrome stem.

This fixture is available in pre-set configurations of 3, 5 and 9 units, to ease installation.

Model Number Nenúfar
Light Source

LED 27W 24V 2700K*

Delivered Lumens 2100lm
Reflector color    Black

24.8cm * 363.1cm