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MARSET Neón de luz Hanging

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$950.00 - $1,650.00
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Neón de luz

by Joan Gaspar , 2004

Neón de Luz is a very versatile lamp, highly recommendable for places that require continuous lighting due to its low consumption. The light source is made of a high efficiency LED technology enclosed in a polycarbonate conduit with an inner aluminium reflector.
It can be used as a wall lamp or as a hanging lamp.

Model Number Neón de luz
Light Source

LED 29W 3000K

LED 40,4W 3000K

LED 57W 3000K

Delivered Lumens 3820lm/ 5320lm/ 7500lm
Reflector color   


Length 94.5 cm/ 124.5 cm/ 154.5 cm

ø 14.5cm *  5cm