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MARSET Soho Hanging

Original price $1,318.00 - Original price $6,328.00
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$1,318.00 - $6,328.00
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by Joan Gaspar , 2010

The Soho makes a statement in recognition of those lamps that were traditionally used to light up markets, taverns and cafeterias.

It is made from rotation-molded polyethylene, a technique that allows us to offer it in different sizes: 38-cm diameter for smaller spaces, 57 cm and 112 cm for large spaces. This collection is also available for outdoors, including wall and floor versions in different colors: black, gray, translucent white, sand and sky blue. Several outdoor models are also available for illuminating porches, gardens and terraces or open-air dining areas.

Model Number Soho
Light Source

LED SMD 19,4W 700mA 2700K

LED SMD 33,7W 700mA 2700K

LED SMD 125W 300mA 2700K

Reflector color   

White/ Stone grey/ Black

/ Sand/ Sky blue


ø 38cm * H 223.9cm

ø 57cm * H 234cm

ø 112.6cm * H 364.2cm