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by Yonoh , 2016

The concept of Sun is inspired by the early hours dawn, when the light of the sun plays along the horizon as it begins to appear. The Yonoh Studio played with superimposing materials to achieve this effect, creating a light with a luminous glow that is capable of transporting us to that precise moment.

The light that emanates from Sun creates a very special atmosphere, capturing our eyes and soothing our souls. It is a presence that brings personality and character to the space around it. The fixture’s design does not forget that its prominent place in the space necessitates a certain formal balance: it is simultaneously prominent yet understated, a point of interest that doesn’t steal the limelight.

A metal case and concave polycarbonate dish surround the LED light source, nestled in a blown-glass sphere. Each of Sun’s different materials reflects the light in its own way, much as what happens at the exact moment when the night’s darkness gives way to the light.

Model Number Sun
Light Source

LED 16.2W 700mA 2700K

LED 41W 700mA 2700K


Reflector color   

White/ Graphite


ø 26cm * H 9.6cm

ø 60cm * H 9.6cm