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Prandina MARLENE Hanging

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$952.00 - $2,162.00
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Suspended lamp for diffused light.The opal white glass is the fundamental choice that established the beginning of this design. The schematic shape of the blown glass diffuser confirms once again the intention to create safe and durable forms, to be used anytime and anywhere. Available in three different sizes, Marlene expresses a simple craftsmanship, to be preserved and passed on, in the name of Prandina’s quality.

Model Number MARLENE
Light Source


LED 4,8W - 3000K (720LM)

LED 8,5W - 3000K (1044LM)

Reflector color   

Opal White


Ø180mm * H240mm

Ø240mm * H320mm

Ø300mm * H400mm