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Prandina TULIPA Hanging

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Suspended lamp for downward light.
With the softness of a flower the Tulipa collection is born. A new story of light that revisits the typical suspended spotlight in an elegantly decorative tone, giving life to a versatile and modern suspension lamp. The Barcelona based Khamai Studio wanted to write this transformation by identifying in Prandina the ideal partner, investing in new materials, special finishes and unusual shapes. Imagine the flowery expanses of the Dutch territory, the changing colors and shapes of its famous tulips. From here we began to tell the light point, dressing it with an organic soul and a structured diffusion of light. The cylindrical element, a fundamental part around which the lamp and its design are
developed, guides the light downwards; it is wrapped in a double metal petal that opens slightly, leaving a glimpse of the internal structure.

Model Number TULIPA
Light Source


Reflector color   

Matt White-Matt White/

Matt White-Copper/

Matt White-Black Chrome/

Matt White-Gold/

Matt Black-Matt White/

Matt Black-Copper/

Matt Black-Black Chrome/

Matt Black-Gold