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TERZANI Manta Suspension Hanging

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Manta is the latest design featuring the distinctive crystal first unveiled in Nicolas Terzani’s best-selling Mizu. Collaborating with designer Dodo Arslan, the two imaginative minds created a light featuring sinuous, undulating lines. The results are soft waves of crystal light reminiscent of being underwater. The innovative Manta is made of crystal, with a dimmable integrated LED lamp focused on maximizing the crystal’s reflection. Manta’s organic form is available in two sizes and can be installed in numerous, customizable arrangements.
Design Dodo Arslan & Nicolas Terzani.

Model Number Light Source Electronic Transformer
K031 Integrated LED 3x1.5W 105 lm 3000K

1-10V PUSH;

1-10V PUSH DALI system;


On site minimum adjustable overall height 170cm

SKU K031