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TERZANI Pug Hanging

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Pug is a dog described as “much in little”, referring to the greatness of his personalities despite his diminutive size. Inspired by the Pug’s charm, designer Jean-François Crochet created the Pug pendant light whose protruding spherical lights are reminiscent of a pug’s face. As with the breed, the Pug pendant packs significant charm and beauty into a small package. Illuminated by LED light, these glass pendants are framed by two brass bands. With Pug, it’s easy to bring a new best friend (or pack of friends) into a home. Available in clear/raw brass and satin white/polished brass.
Design Jean-François Crochet.

Model Number Light Source Electronic Transformer
U01S KK G4 LED dimmable 1,5W IGBT;DALI system;

Model:U01S KK

G4 Halogen and G4 Led light bulbs are not included
On site minimum adjustable overall height 25cm