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WEVER&DUCRE MIRRO 2.0 Wall/Ceiling

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Anastasija and Martin Lesjak from the studio 13&9 are completely focused on “transferring the creative energy of a brand to the product itself”. This approach is also reflected in the three collections that the Austrian design team has created exclusively for Wever & Ducré.
First and foremost: the natural shale veneer of ROCK with its expressive character, which makes every luminaire completely unique. And DRO, for which the two designers have succeeded in permanently capturing the fleeting beauty of a dewdrop. “We dealt intensively with the so-called hydrophobic effect when designing this luminaire,” explains Anastasija. “It causes water to bead off or adhere to the surface, thus creating nestling or upright shapes – an aesthetic that made a special impression on us.” Besides finding inspiration in nature, 13&9 also draws upon an abundance of other creative realms such as art, fashion, and architecture – a transdisciplinary approach that is articulated so eloquently in the MIRRO collection designed together with Sabrina Stadlober.
Both the beholder and the surroundings can be mirrored simultaneously in the reflective metallic surface of the luminaires. A masterful technique that 13&9 employs to create an intense connection between user and product. And that is exactly what makes all of the pieces designed by 13&9 so fascinating.


Model Number  
MIRR 2.0
Lamp Type G95
Lamp Socket E27
Voltage 220 - 240 V     
Reflector color   

Jet Black + Black Chrome

/ Jet Black + Light Gold  

Safety Class  
IP Rating IP20
Dimension         Ø450 mm*H77mm
Weight 1kg