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"Yi project", Daimler Greater China Headquarters

"Yi project", Daimler Greater China Headquarters

As the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturer, Daimler is a leader in innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. The new office space project "Project Yi" of its China headquarters is imbued with a spirit of change, leading the contemporary avant-garde office space concept. The project is jointly designed, planned, and completed by Mi2 and Daimler Greater China project team.

"Project Yi" is an intuitive display of Daimler's corporate culture change. "Yi" comes from Chinese Pinyin, and the six Chinese characters represented by "Yi" are the core concept of this project

Yi commitment: committed to serving colleagues

Yi change: advocating the change of work style

Yi comfort: caring for the physical and mental health of colleagues

Yi enjoyment: providing the best experience

Yi one heart: advocating co-creation

Yi: keeping moving

The new corporate culture requires more efficient cooperation and interaction between teams. In this case, the design team replaced the previous emphasis on "me space" with the concept of "we space". In the "we" space, work can be carried out at any corner and at any time.

Light, air, water, nutrition, health, and other elements are released and integrated into every corner of the building. Sufficient sunshine favors everyone in the space. Most of the office spaces used 360LAMP lighting products, fully considering the illumination, uniformity, color rendering, energy-saving, glare control, and other lighting indicators of the lighting, providing an excellent lighting environment for employees. This is what a "Yi" office space should look like. This is the dream office of employees.

Design company: Mi2

Lighting brand: 360LAMP

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