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Shiyuan Hyatt Resort Hotel

Shiyuan Hyatt Resort Hotel

As a five-star resort hotel, Shiyuan Hyatt Resort Hotel is the second Hyatt Regency hotel in Beijing, located in the countryside of Beijing, China. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and water, adjacent to the World Horticultural Exposition Park and the Great Wall. The interior designers are inspired by natural landscapes. Using the topic of “natural life”, the designers integrate the elements, such as “mountains, water, flowers and birds”, into the design details of the hotel. The design elements of nature are created everywhere in the hotel, presenting guests with a beautiful world.

Thanks for the bpi lighting designer's hard work. After fully evaluated and tested, 360LAMP 's architectural lighting products have been used in the whole hotel.

Interior design: CL3 Architect Design
Lighting design: bpi
Lighting products: 360LAMP




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